Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dog Yoga Retreats to the Mountains.... Join us in the Spring

Thank you everyone for your interest and support in Dog Yoga. We have canceled this winter session and are very excited to offer something extra special in the spring.
Jessica, Stella and Love Letter (aka Lover Boy) are moving to Canmore, Ab in April and Pat, McKenzie, Taylor and Page are welcoming a new puppy, Bob to their tribe.
Pat and Jessica are talking about offering a weekend in the mountains dog yoga seminar, where we can hike, play and retreat.
We will be keeping you posted as this develops and in the meantime check out our blog for Healthy Food recipes for you and your dog as well as some yoga tips for the both of you.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

New 4 week Session Jan 9 - Feb 7 2009

8 Week session has been completed!
New 4 week Session Jan 9 - Feb 7 $120.00
Friday 6:45 - 7:45pm at Canine Fitness Center, Calgary
email registration to

Thursday, September 18, 2008

First Day of Class Info

The Canine Fitness Centre is located at 509 - 42nd Avenue SE, but you will enter the building from the back (ie. NOT the front doors that face 42nd Avenue).

Class times: 5:30 to 6:30 OR 6:45 to 7:45
*Class will start promptly at the times listed. Doors open 15 minutes prior to your class start time*

PLEASE LEAVE ALL DOGS IN VEHICLE FOR START OF FIRST CLASS. This will allow us, the humans, to get acquainted, get through administration and orientation.

The first class will follow something like this;
HUMANS ONLY (for first half)
You will be asked to sign waivers, registration forms and make payments.
An orientation will be conducted by first Jessica to provide you the "yoga" familiarities. Pat will introduce her role and speak more in the second half of class when dogs are out.

A human ONLY yoga class will begin. We will be going through basic postures.

The dogs arrive! You will be asked to bring in your dogs and spend some time walking around the room. During this time Pat and Jessica will be going through an "evaluation" of the mental states of each dog and what is needed to best support human and dog. Some dogs will be asked to go back in vehicle with "Om-work" for next class, some will be in crates, some tied to a structure, and some who are in the "zen" mind will be free to lay beside their human on their own mat.

Once we have organized this Pat will provide all of us instructions on dog psychology and techniques on how to relax our dogs by touch, voice, and our own "energy". We will all have Om-work to practice every week with our dog and thus each class we will see a progression of the stages of where the dog is kept during the yoga practice.

Looking forward to meeting all of you!

Pat and Jessica

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Creating a Yoga Practice for You and Your Dog
What you will need for class and at home.

For you, the Human

* Eco-Friendly yoga mat
visit this site for ordering info

* Any additional prop such as bolster, block or strap you know you will need. If you are unsure, wait until class and your teacher Jessica will discuss this with you.

For you, the Dog

* An appropriate sized crate with comfy blanket and either favorite toy or special treat.

* Collar and lead.

* Treats

For your Supplies we suggest the following store with multiple locations in the Calgary area

During orientation Pat will discuss further needs and requirements to make your yoga journey a fruitful one by sharing personal and customized tips and techniques for you and your dog. This may require additional supplies.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Downward Dog Yoga

Welcome to our blog site for you to continue your yoga practice off the mat.

To connect with your teachers Jessica or Pat you can email either of us at

First class begins Friday September 19, 2008!

Our next post will give you more info and faq's. In the meantime check out what others are saying about us!

To the dogs,
jessica and pat